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Pet and child friendly.

We use eco-friendly products because we care about our clients and our planet.
Our methods for termite control and eradication are proven to work. We offer free termite inspections and affordable rates for treatment. We use the best products on the market to completely eradicate the termite colonies and we offer a warranty.

Pro-Tect Incorporated

Moisture Control
We provide several effective routes for moisture control. We can apply sand to the crawlspace to wick up moisture as well as vapor barrier to keep the moisture from negatively effecting your wood. We also offer encapsulations that completely transform your crawlspace into a dry, clean and appealing area for storage.

Our work speaks for itself

We have 100% customer satisfaction and our pictures shows our work.


Pest Control
We treat a wide variety of pests including ants, wasps, mosquitos, squirrels and rats. We offer a one time pest control visit and a quarterly plan, which is every three months. For squirrels and rats we offer an array of treatment plans including baiting and trapping and exclusions that keep them from gaining access to your home.
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